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A project to distribute meals to war-affected families in the northern Gaza Strip

The Cooperative Society for Savings and Lending in the Gaza Strip completed a project to help those affected by the Gaza war, which includes providing hot meals to war-affected families within the project to help distribute meals to war-affected families in the northern Gaza Strip Which was implemented by the Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for income-generating projects for women, where 66,400 meals were produced and distributed during the project period (39 days), funded by ANERA International, where the project targeted the northern region (Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Jabalia) .

M. Ibtisam Salem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Society for Savings and Lending, stated that the project comes in light of the difficult situation left by the war.This is to alleviate the suffering of poor families affected by the war and meet their basic needs. Where hot meals were distributed to the families affected as a result of the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, with the aim of improving the economic situation and supporting them in their difficult situation during the period of the last aggression, and alleviating the psychological pressure and the economic burden on these families.She added that the project benefited 1,470 poor and marginalized families in the northern Gaza Strip who were subjected to violence during the war, despite their difficult economic conditions. The project also worked to empower women economically by providing job opportunities for 42 women heads of their families who worked in the production of hot meals. One of the bad economic conditions in the Gaza Strip as a result of the war, which had bad effects on the residents of the Gaza Strip, affected all aspects of life.

Ms. Ibtisam Salem noted that the association contributed to providing “healthy integrated and varied meals daily containing vegetables, meat, rice, poultry and fish,” benefiting 1,800 people daily, who were selected in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development according to the criteria for benefit and from families who fall below the poverty line, as the foundation targeted The most affected and needy groups were provided with meals for 7 continuous days in order to benefit as many as possible and to extend the service to everyone

Ms. Ibtisam Salem also praised the role of ANERA International Foundation in providing aid and its continuous support to marginalized groups. She also thanked everyone who contributed to providing aid to our people in the Gaza Strip, without discrimination, wishing that efforts would continue to end the human tragedy experienced by the residents of the Gaza Strip.

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