Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Providing healthy meals for the children of Riyadh in the Gaza Strip funded by the ANERA Foundation

The Cooperative Association for Saving and Lending for Women in the Gaza Strip has started implementing a project (Providing healthy meals for Riyadh children in the Gaza Strip, funded by the Anira Foundation, as the project targets 10 licensed kindergartens that follow health and safety standards in addition to the exact criteria of the institution through which the Riyadh was chosen and which It is located in poor and marginalized areas in the Gaza Strip, where through the activities of the project, a daily integrated healthy meal is provided to 950 children over the course of the semester, as well as awareness workshops provided by nutritionists entitled (Proper Nutrition for Children in Early Childhood) for mothers of children to benefit from it in feeding their children to eliminate diseases related to malnutrition. In addition, the project worked to provide job opportunities for 16 unemployed women and the breadwinners for their families as well, and this year comes in light of bad economic conditions that they are going through. The Gaza Strip, as a result of the widespread epidemic that we are suffering from, which left disastrous and extremely difficult consequences for the residents of the Gaza Strip.



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