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The participation of the Cooperative Society for Saving and lending for women’s Income-Generating Projects in the annual exhibition of the women’s Affairs Center

The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for Women’s Income-Generating Projects, Women’s Affairs Center, participated in the fifteenth annual exhibition (Our Women’s Products) in Gaza City, where the women’s cooperatives affiliated with the Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for income-generating projects for women in the Gaza Strip participated in the presence of a number of legal persons and representatives of women’s institutions , and owners of small projects, as the exhibition aims to enhance the resilience of pioneering women. “The slogan of this exhibition comes despite the destruction and siege,The entrepreneurial woman is still capable and creative despite all the challenges and obstacles that surround her, especially after the recent aggression on Gaza, which proves that Palestinian women are steadfast. “The exhibition includes approximately 65 corners between individual projects for women owners of small projects, and civil and women’s society institutions, as The exhibition includes many different angles, including embroideries, handicrafts, wood and Palestinian popular dishes.

The main objective of this exhibition is to market the products of women owners of small projects, contract with civil society institutions, and search for additional sources of income for these women and their families under difficult economic conditions.

Bayan Afana, owner of the Green Sahel Cooperative, said that she participates every year in the exhibition to help her in marketing her products, hoping that she will participate in exhibitions that are held outside Palestine. “She participated in the annual women’s affairs fairs, and she said, ‘We have benefited and our project has grown, and we have a sales percentage, and we aspire in the future to have a factory.”



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