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Green Hands Initiative

The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for Projects that Generate Income for Women, in partnership with the Women’s Affairs Center, launched an initiative entitled (Green Hands), whereby it implemented through its activities a series of awareness workshops on (Eliminating all forms of discrimination against women) as part of the “Inclusion of Men and Boys Project in Promoting Gender Equity”. Social Affairs in Palestine. “

And which was implemented at the association’s headquarters in the northern Gaza Strip / Beit Hanoun Governorate. In the presence of a group of notables, mayors, and reform committees from the Beit Hanoun area, the participants emphasized during the workshops the need to activate awareness-raising programs for women’s rights and the mechanism for defending those rights, stressing the importance of the role of civil society institutions and the competent authorities in protecting women and pressing for the adoption of laws that guarantee women’s rights.



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