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Project of manufacturing and knitting face masks

The cooperative society for Saving and Lending projects income generator for women implements the face masks project in the Gaza Strip.

The cooperative society for Saving and Lending projects that generate Income for Women, in partnership with the Enira International Foundation, has initiated the implementation of the “face masks” project. This project comes within a partnership between the Cooperative society for Saving and Credit and the ANERA Foundation to link the economic empowerment of women with the existing health status (spread of Covid 19), as it aims The project is to help relieve the burden on the shoulders of poor families in the Gaza Strip, to provide face masks that can be washed and used for a long time, in addition to targeting members of cooperative societies to save and Lending and empower them economically In the community. The project will also work on preparing an experiment that is the first of its kind in the institution, which links economic empowerment with the current situation, to be a source and guide for institutions interested in comprehensive work towards empowering women and demanding women’s rights, in addition to that it will pave the way for institutions working in the field of economic empowerment with the rest Institutions to create synergies and improve coordination to achieve benefits for women. Eng. Ibtisam Salem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending, points out that the specifications were chosen through clear criteria and high quality, as the staff were trained and undergone an intensive training course by specialists in manufacturing and weaving face masks.

Engineer Ibtisam Salem added that one of the most important activities that will be implemented in the project is distributing face masks to poor and needy families, in addition to enabling poor and marginalized women to work and enter a source of livelihood for them.



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