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Specialized Listening Session

The Cooperative Association for Saving and Lending, in partnership with the Women’s Affairs Center, held two specialized listening sessions entitled “The role of government institutions and civil society in combating gender-based violence” within the project (integrating men and boys in promoting gender justice in Palestine) in the presence of many official and civil institutions in the presence of Each of (Mr. Yassin Hassan Abu Odeh, Director of Public Relations at the Municipality of Beit Hanoun – Ms. Ghazala Ahmed Naseer, Child Protection Guide for the Social Development Directorate in the northern Gaza Strip – Ms.Sana Ibrahim Awadallah, project manager for Beit Hanoun Association, – Mukhtar Asaad Abdel Dayem, member of the Reform Committee, Dr. Hani Ahmad Al-Zaanin, Director of Nursing at Beit Hanoun Hospital, and Professor Hazar Al-Athamneh – Psychologist at Beit Hanoun Clinic and Professor Rashid Muhammad Al-Masri – Awareness and Follow-up Officer at Beit Police Station Hanoun)

We concluded that there is no case manager in police stations, as they concluded from the meetings that the lack of a special department for corruption in police stations to deal with complex cases and women’s fear and concealment of violence in order to preserve their home and fear of customs and traditions, and some people disdain for women’s rights from the expense of inheritance and the lack of Income reduces some women’s pursuit of legal rights through the current situation in light of the Corona pandemic. Professor Rashid recommended that people with stable income provide aid and donations to provide the necessary needs for the affected families. Among the people to raise awareness

They also called on the community to the necessity of condensation between the people, institutions, mayors and government departments in order to promote gender justice and give everyone his right. They also stressed the need for continuous communication between the police and clinic and hospital centers to conceal the violent cases and solve them with all secrecy and suggested to the police station in Beit Hanoun to create a dedicated department For women to deal with abused cases and to strengthen the relationship between all centers and expand them to promote gender justice in the northern Gaza Strip.



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