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A project to provide meals for quarantined families in the Gaza Strip

The Cooperative Association for Saving and Lending in the Gaza Strip has started providing hot meals to quarantined families in the northern Gaza Strip, as part of the project “Helping meals for quarantined families in the northern Gaza Strip” project, which is implemented by the association for a period of six months (180) days, funded by the ANERA Foundation International.

Ibtisam Salem, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Society for Saving and Lenging stated that the project comes in light of the current situation and the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic and contributes to providing hot meals for families quarantined as a result of contracting the disease in order to improve the health status of the injured and help them during the quarantine period to reduce psychological pressure and the economic burden on these families, and added that The project works to empower women economically by providing job opportunities for 16 female breadwinners for their families, and to alleviate the bad economic conditions in the Gaza Strip as a result of the spread of the epidemic that has left bad effects on the residents of the Gaza Strip that affect all aspects of life.

Ibtisam Salem noted that the association contributes to providing “healthy, integrated and varied daily meals that contain vegetables, meat, fruits and bread” that benefit 450 people daily, who are chosen in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health according to the criteria for benefit and to be from the quarantined families who fall below the poverty line Providing them with meals for a period of 14 days until the period of their confinement ends and he can fulfill his requirements by himself based on a decision from the Ministry of Social Development, which contributed to facilitating the transportation and delivery of meals during quarantine days (Friday – Saturday).

To ensure the safety of the project workers, the Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending held an awareness and guidance workshop for service providers charged with delivering meals to quarantined families on how to deal with the epidemic and quarantined people to ensure safety and not transmit infection



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