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Hydroponics cultivation

The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for the Development of Small Income-Generating Projects for Women, funded and supervised by the ANERA Foundation in the Gaza Strip, carried out a recent experiment on hydroponic cultivation that specializes in leaf cultivation as it includes the experience compared to traditional agriculture and agriculture through the soil.

The crops were used (lettuce – tomato – Cucumber – fresh green peppers) in comparisons with the aim of taking the results and generalizing them to male and female farmers and those interested, as cultivation in the aforementioned methods reduces the cultivation period for a single crop compared to traditional methods while increasing production and product quality .. and use of new technological ways in agriculture and the staff at the ANERA,

which includes engineer Ashraf Shobaki and engineer Al-Najjar will follow up on the experiment technically, follow it up, and monitor the results on the ground to achieve the desired goal  It is worth noting that the ANERA Foundation has provided The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending for the development of small projects for women in the Gaza Strip with an equipped greenhouse on an appropriate area to carry out the above-mentioned viewing and experiment with the aim of continuing to implement such modern experiences that aim to develop the agricultural sector and develop and support the status of Palestinian farms in the Gaza Strip



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