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Bring the Smile back program for children of Devastated areas in Gaza )Strip (Hot Meals

Within Bring the Smile back Programe (Hot Meals) funded by American Kindera Foundaion, The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending targeted 7744 children during 13 previous stages, and it was able to provide 283,726 meals from (Hot meals project)

an average of three meals per week for approximately 7,744 children in Kindergarten who are benefiting from the project And that lies on the line of contact in the rural and marginalized areas of the Gaza Strip, where the targeted children live in those areas that were bombed and destroyed during the wars, as the children live in very difficult economic conditions. The project also provided 50 job opportunities for female breadwinners working for their families working in productive female cooperatives Also, 72 educational workshops were conducted for mothers of children in diets in the previous stages. Where 4114 women benefited from awareness workshops on proper and healthy feeding methods for children under six years old.The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending during the ninth stage carried out 9 celebrations for children. It served as a gateway to joy and fun, as the celebrations permeated many exhibition and artistic paragraphs presented by children, and specialized sections for the entertainment of children. At the end of the celebration, the kindergarten support institution participating in the celebration was honored and gifts and toys were distributed to the kindergarten children.



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