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: Strengthen and increase women’s income by facilitating the marketing process through the development of productive women cooperatives.

· Objective of the project Create job opportunities for women through economic empowerment by development of productive women cooperatives and facilitate marketing their products. Through Strengthen and facilitate marketing of women cooperatives products by improving the quality of production and improve the worker performance by providing them with the necessary technical and administrative training in the areas of food processing to Six women’s cooperatives working in the fields (KosKos industry, medicinal herbs production (thyme, Duqqa, etc.), Honey Production Cooperative, Dairy Cooperative) Also The development of networking and coordination between production women cooperatives and local companies that has the ability to buy the product from women cooperatives and market these products in local and external markets.

· Marketing Product locally and abroad through the development of mechanisms for networking and coordination among the companies that can buy the product and marketed it in the domestic market and abroad.

· Supply productive cooperatives with devices and equipment necessary for the production.



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