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Bring the Smile back for children of Devastated 2018- 10th Stage

The tenth phase of the Hot Meals project was launched by the ” Bring the Smile back for children of Devastated areas in Gaza Strip (Hot Meals) 2018- 10th Stage ” program implemented by the Cooperative Society for Saving and Credit with the kindergartens in the marginalized rural areas with funding from Kinder USA.

The project aims to improve food security and health status and contribute to alleviating the psychological stress and economic burden on children and their families and contribute to improving the behavior of the targeted children, and socially the lack of social differences between children and aggressive behavior.

32400 healthy meals will be provided for three months at a rate of three meals per week for 971 children in 12 kindergartens in rural and marginalized areas of the Gaza Strip where the targeted children are living in very difficult economic conditions. The project was implemented in the same Kindergartens for the second semester of 2018 due to for the suffering of these children in these areas psychologically and economically.

The project also aims to build and develop the capacity of kindergarten teachers through their training by a specialist on how to deal with the different behaviors of children in early childhood.

The project created 30 job opportunities for women with dependents for their families working in women’s food-producing cooperatives for three consecutive months.



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