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Project of Business Development Support to Small Rural Women Cooperative Type in Gaza,2015

The project aims to improve the collaborative work, which in turn contributes in the strengthening of poor rural and marginalized women through empowerment and support them and facilitate their access to various resources.The beneficiaries of the project are the 80 marginalized and poor rural women who work in producing women’s cooperatives have been selected from 8 productive cooperatives (cheese, bees, Couscous, jam, pastry, thyme-Bureij, thyme – Abasan, Pressed).

Provide productive women cooperatives with equipment for 8 target cooperative of the project , where devices and equipments have been manufacture for cooperatives in accordance with its needs this equipment are vary from one cooperative to another and have been identified by a previous study of the needs of the cooperatives , as food processing and preparation of packaging and maintaining quality operations and other equipment complement the work of cooperatives.

Also received training where the 5 major training topics are :

1. Management

2. Project work plans.

3. Quality.

4. Governance.

5. Marketing.

– Where the training aims to develop the capacities of women in management topics related to cooperatives in general .



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