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Bring the Smile back for children of Devastated areas in Gaza Strip (Hot Meals)5th stage ,2015

The project mainly involved in distribution of hot balanced and healthy meals to 600 children in 7 kindergartens in Gaza strip (Al Arabia Al Islamiya Kindergarten , Al Omaraa’ Kindergarten , Happy child Kindergarten Almustaqbal Kindergarten , Alhuda Kindergarten , Barel Al nour Kindergarten and Ashbal Khoza’a Kindergarten) In addition to the most important activities which implement , 2 training course for 30 teachers of children, where a teacher trained in how to deal with children’s behavior and ways of solving their problems, which reflected positively on the psyches of children. In addition to educate 540 targeted children’s mothers through the implementation of 10 workshops on nutrition and healthy habits in child nutrition This activity in turn is very important role , where hot meals have been distributed to 7 kindergartens in rural and marginalized areas, 21,600 meal in an average of 3 days per week for 3 consecutive months was reflected positively on children nutrition inside the house where 83% of women have benefited greatly from workshops of nutrition habits and ways of feeding their children. The implementation of a closing ceremony for children as entertainment and alleviate the stress for 600 children .



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