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Concluding the activities of the Women Empowerment Project

The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending concluded, in partnership with the ANERA International Foundation, a number of its development projects targeting women in North Gaza Governorate in the Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun regions between June 2019 until June 2020

The project activities started with the establishment and construction of a women’s professional training center at the association’s headquarters in the Beit Hanoun region, which is considered the first of its kind at the level of North Gaza Governorate, as a center specialized in building and empowering practical / technical women’s skills, as the center includes professional training halls equipped with all the capabilities and resources The materialism is within specific sectors, which are embroidery-cosmetic and sewing, which use these capabilities in carrying out practical training for women according to the best advanced practical practices

During the project, the center was provided with full solar energy to ensure the continuity of the work of the center according to its goals and vision and within the productive capacity that qualifies women to develop their skills and technical capabilities, each according to the sector that benefit from it, in addition to this an agricultural greenhouse working on water numbering was create.

In the same context, 65 beneficiaries from the Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun region were targeted to benefit from the project activities, distributed as follows: 15 beneficiaries of cosmetic projects, 15 beneficiaries of embroidery projects, 10 beneficiaries of photography projects, 10 beneficiaries of sewing projects and 15 beneficiaries of specific projects Their selection process was carried out according to specific criteria, and then administrative training was implemented for all beneficiaries of the various sectors in which they were registered, and this training was aimed at preparing plans Businesses for projects to ensure their sustainability and avoid factors of failure as well as identify the mechanisms and procedures for bookkeeping accounting for organizing financial transactions within their projects.

And immediately after the end of the administrative training period for the beneficiaries, technical training inside the center was started for three sectors, namely (embroidery – cosmetic and sewing), the duration of this training ranged 3 months to each sector, after which the project package was distributed to the beneficiaries, which included all raw and consumer materials based on They need all the materials within each sector, which would allow the beneficiary to start her project on the ground with great skill and efficiency.

In a related matter, the technical / practical training of photography beneficiaries outside the center was implemented in studios in the project areas on the skills and craftsmanship of video programs, photography, photoshop and montage, which in turn promoted the involvement of the private sector in improving his societal interventions that combine practical experience and management training, the beneficiaries then included their projects and started to work on them.

In the same context, financial grants were distributed to 15 beneficiaries of specific projects after they were administratively qualified, as these projects were designed according to a needs plan that was monitored through them, and the beneficiaries purchased their equipment and production materials for the projects themselves according to the administrative training that was used.

Finally, this project comes within the framework of the The Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending to work to improve the income of women with families for their families, and the consequent improvement in the livelihoods of the beneficiary and her family, as well as the development of mechanisms for the association’s work to monitor and assess the needs of beneficiaries and work to meet them within comprehensive development goals that contribute In making a difference to the lives of women.



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