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Kindness Touch Project (Alleviate the suffering of school students in the Gaza Strip),2013

Many Palestinian families live under the poverty line, with their inability to meet the needs of their children of food, clothing, housing, and the lowest levels of life.

Project aims which implemented by Cooperative Society for Saving & Lending For Developing Rural Women Entrepreneurs (CSSL) is to Support poor and marginalized families economically and psychologically during the winter in Gaza Strip. Also help families who lost their homes caused by the cold wave that swept Gaza strip.

Project can be summarized by distribution of 343 winter Jackets , 343 winter shoe and 343 socks to number of 343 School students of poor families in 5 different areas as following :

Middle area :

· Al Salqa Valley.

· Hekr al Jame

· Alberka

Southern Area :

· Alshoka.

· Mosabeh



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