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CSSL has concluded the 7th stage of Hot Meals project

Cooperative Society for Saving and Lending – CSSL has concluded the 7th stage of meals project “Bring the smile back of children of devastated areas in Gaza Strip” for the academic year 2016-2017 implemented by CSSL in kindergarten in marginalized rural areas that were bombed and destroyed in Beit Hanoun, Shijia, Moghraqa, east of Al Bureij, Wadi al-Salqa, Bani Suhaila and Farrahin with generous funding of KINDER USA Foundation.

In her speech the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSSL Eng.Ebtisam Salim said 22,230 meals have been provided and for three months at a rate of three meals per week to 501 children in seven kindergartens in rural and marginalized areas in Gaza Strip, located in border line of 1948 and had been bombed and destruction during last war, pointing out that the targeted children living a very difficult economic conditions and the implementation of the project has been implemented in the same kindergartens for the second year due to the severity of the suffering of these children in these areas, psychologically and economically.

The project concluded with a festival as a fun day for children in the Dolphin Resort in Gaza, children expressed their joy to alleviate their suffering through their participation in puppet show and give them a full role in the practice of what they want, and to highlight their talents and support them psychologically during a trip far from their homes.

Eng. Ebtisam Salim explained that the project created 20 job opportunity for women breadwinners of their families to work in women productive cooperatives for 3 months. there were many activities in the project, including:

– Provide a healthy and balanced meals for children in kindergarten.

– Held workshops for mothers of children about safe and healthy ways to feed children under the age of six.

– Distribution of toys and gifts to the children at the end of the closing ceremony.

Eng. Ebtisam Salim pointed that the project aims to improve food security, and contribute to alleviate the psychological pressure and economic burden on the children and their families and to contribute to the improvement of targeted children’s behavior, aggressive and social differences among children.

It is noteworthy, CSSL has implemented many projects funding by KINDER USA Foundation, all these projects directed to poor and marginalized groups, especially children and poor families in the devastated areas which suffer from psychological and economic very bad situation.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSSL Eng.Ebtisam and Board of Directors of CSSL and management of CSSL thanks to the KINDER USA Foundation represent by Ms. Hanaa Al-Gamal and Mrs. Sarah Sakka for their interest and follow-up of projects and contribute on its success and support children of Palestine.



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